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AMAX Pro specializes in dealing with people who desire to walk in the private. We specialize in personal trusts, business trusts, and wills. We help people protect themselves, their families, and their assets using contracts and tools often hidden from the general public.

We also go the extra mile to educate our clients about our products and how to use them. It is our desire that our clients are able to stand on their own with their tools without having to constantly be concerned about paying someone else to stand for them in legal situations.

Our staff of Civil Supremes have worked in the law and legal industry over 25 years combined. We have extensive experience in many different cases including home protection from foreclosure, vehicle protection, taxation protection, utility disconnection, incarceration release, and more. All of this is done through the tools of a trust. We create highly effective trust quickly and help our clients to notify all who need to be notified to gain remedy.

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